Send your text messages via Internet (i.e. Wifi or 3G connection) by your favourite provider for free or low costs. No need to log in at any website, just use your phone for sending a web sms.

Currently following Plugins are available (downloadable in store):

- Goodmails (Store-Download: )
- GMX (Store-Download: )
- (Store-Download: )
- (Store-Download: )
- Cherry-SMS (Store-Download: )
- Innosend (Store-Download: )
- Fishtext (Store-Download: )
- DirectBOX (Store-Download: )
- Sloono (Store-Download: )
- SMS-Revolution (Store-Download: )
- SMS77 (Store-Download: )
- MeinBMW (Store-Download: )
- (Store-Download: )
- SMSFlatrate (Store-Download:
- (Store-Download:
- SMSGlobal (Store-Download:
- Arcor (Store-Download:

You can use as many plugins you want at the same time for sending a WebSMS.

What you get:
- Easy to use interface
- Switching fast between different providers and multiple accounts
- Background image changeable
- Compact mode for small screens
- App2SD (on supported devices)
- time shift messages (on supported providers)
- easy extendable plugin architecture
- texts will be put in your device database (no extra app needed)
- direct answering incoming messages by own handler
- Open Source (Source code available at project page)


Have a look at the project page for writing your own plugin:

Poor ratings did not help to improve the program! This is a one man spare time project without a huge amount of different devices. If you find bugs, please contact me by mail or use the project page:
Errors will be resolved as soon as possible.

Permission used:
INTERNET -> for sending SMS over the internet
READ_CONTACTS -> Picking a number
WRITE_SMS and READ_SMS -> for putting sent SMS in your device
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE -> Checking for active internet connection
CHANGE_WIFI_STATE -> enabling Wifi by one button press
READ_PHONE_STATE -> get phonenumber for showing in last message dialog
RECEIVE_SMS -> for showing notification
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -> settings im- and export

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