Spy Audio Surveillance Pro



********************************************Spy Audio Surveillance************************************************

Its a Spy application ,its used to hear Secret Conversation,Anti - Theft, Secret Meeting ,Found out the People who talking behind your back ,etc .

In this Application What you need is
@Receiver Side: A android phone with SIM card with enough talking balance ,
@Send Side: Any type of mobile OS,mobile model,with SMS Balance .

How to use this Application :
@STEP 1: Click Enable to Starts Monitoring the Incoming SMS and press Menu to Minimize .
@STEP 2: Send "START" (Without Quotation) message from any mobile to the Spy Audio Surveillance Installed and enabled mobile.
@STEP 3: After the SMS("START") received in the Spy Audio Surveillance Installed .
@STEP 4: Application Monitor will Automatically Start Call to message Sender.
@STEP 5:After usage, Don't forget Disable the Application .
@Live Audio Surveillance.
@Anti - Theft.
@Security Audio.

Tags: anti surveillance