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This application will allow you to hide specific text messages behind a PIN so they are not visible to anyone who might be going through your phone. Any message that is not associated with a user-defined "Stealth Short Messaging Service" (SSMS) account will show up normally. Additionally, encryption capabilities make it extremely challenging for your messages to be read by third parties, especially from phone company

Now open source, feel free to fork!


★Pre-shared key encryption of messages between two StealthMessenger users. Optional encryptional capabilities lets you communicate in plaintext with others who do not have StealthMessenger.

★User defined account list

★Keypad pin entry that allows for quick access to hidden messages

★Stealth settings: Turn off notification of SSMS messages, set custom notification ringtones, or customize the notification text.

★No icon in launcher

★"Panic PIN" which brings up false screens to conceal the purpose of the application from those who would pry. This specially designed "Panic PIN" will bring up a fake antivirus screen when the user enters it and its associated "settings" page.

★Easy to use SSMS interface for sending and receiving messages, with an auto-locking screen so you dont accidentally leave your sensitive messages unsecured.

★Starts on boot.

★Optional taskbar notification to assure you of Stealth Messenger's active message filtering. Add account name to notification message by using the "{0}" string as a placeholder.

★Lightweight app that does not drain your battery nor share your information with any third party.

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