Are you one of the Millions (if not billions) of people who gets EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with Automated Phone Service menus?

You know those long-winded, recordings telling you to press or say "1" to do this, "2" to do that - just to hear the voice say "I do not understand, please try again" etc. and/or kicks you out before you have made your selection so that you have to redial and go through same process again.

What if there was away to bypass all of this and reach the extension you want!?

Well - that's exactly what SwitchPlz can do for you - quickly and easily!

Dial a number on your SmartPhone like you normally would.
If the company you are calling is listed on SwitchPlz (and who wouldn't as it is FREE) - you will automatically be able view the menu choices on your Smartphone and select the extension you want to reach.
Once you've made your selection - you'll get connected!
It's as simple as that!!!