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This application is designed to stop people from texting and driving. I have checked the other applications that are on the market that are suppose to do texting by voice but none compare to Talking Text Pro.

This application is simple and easy to use and to the point. When a text message is received on your phone the application will speak the phone number and message and then ask if you want to accept the message. A microphone will then appear on the screen and you can reply to the message by speaking "YES" or "NO".

If you reply with "YES" another microphone will appear and you just speak your response and the application will send your message via text message. If you reply with "NO" the application will send the default message which is on the home page of the application.

I will tell you this .. this application works great and for 1.99 you can not beat it! This is the best Speaking Text Messenger out there.

Talking Text Talking Text

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