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TapChat IRC Client

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Mobile IRC done right.

Your own TapChat bouncer server is required to use this app. See http://tapchatapp.com in a desktop web browser for info.

Stay connected with your favorite channels without draining your phone's battery. Scroll back to catch up on what you've missed, and receive push notifications¹ when someone mentions or messages you.

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Recently changed in this version

Lots of bug fixes, especially related to push notifications.

By popular demand: Swipe left/right between windows!
Many bug fixes.

UI improvements throughout the app!
A dark theme is now available and can be enabled in Preferences.
Sequential joins/parts/quits are now grouped together saving screen space.
Indication of highlighted messages.
Day change indicator.
Faster and more reliable push notifications.
IRCCloud alpha fixes.
Other bug fixes.

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Comments and ratings for TapChat IRC Client
  • (69 stars)

    by Shawn Matthiessen on 06/06/2014

    With nodejs and npm installed and tapchat successfully installed on either CentOS 6.5 or Ubuntu LTS 14.04, it says wrong password even though I made extra sure it was entered in right. In fact, the password was just "y" so there's not much of a chance to botch that one. Simply put, the app doesn't work. I figured for $5 dollars it would at least start :/ guess not. I planned on getting a VPS for t

  • (69 stars)

    by Charles Lagerquist on 23/02/2014

    This app needs to allow you greater control over notifications in the same way that almost EVERY OTHER app does. I should be able to toggle vibration, choose a specific sound, etc. The fact that there is a single toggle for notifications is frankly unacceptable for a paid app. Furthermore, the fact there is still no ability to send irc commands is somewhat disappointing for an IRC app. 3 stars a

  • (69 stars)

    by Fabio Bier on 18/02/2014

    The most amazing IRC service for convergence :-) ran into some very nasty problems after the last update but got great support on #tapchat Freenode. Thanks for this awesome piece of work!

  • (69 stars)

    by Ricky Brent on 10/02/2014

    The push notifications were extremely smooth, and I liked the UX elsewhere, but... There was never any support for basic things like actions, and the latest update seems to have removed the ability to log in to my server at all -- it's a somewhat pretty invalid username or password prompt now, even after clearing all server data, restarting and creating a new username and password with utmost car

  • (69 stars)

    by Lucas Cooper on 03/02/2014

    Looks like it has a lot of potential but the developer hasn't been maintaining it. There hasn't been a commit made in over 7 months and he appears to have moved on to other projects.

  • (69 stars)

    by Lane Nope on 16/01/2014

    Can't even handle commands. What kind of irc client is this? By the way, it doesn't work with weechat as someone else mentioned, you DO have to use the official tapatalk bnc. I wouldn't mind switching but I just can't stand this android client.

  • (69 stars)

    by Connor McBrine-Ellis on 14/10/2013

    I hope that in the future he'll add features like nick completion. Other than that, this works great. I like the minimal aesthetic! Thanks for this. Love the server idea. It's something I thought of myself and then *boom*, here's this great implementation! Other than the the lack of some features that are standard in other clients, this is awesome (especially considering that this is a mobil