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    TextBusy will send a copy of all of the SMS messages your phone sends or receives to an e-mail address of your choice.

    * Pick up your personal text messages from your work during the day.
    * Pick up your work text messages at your own leisure by having them delivered to your inbox.

    If you leave your phone at home, or would like a back-up of your text messages in your inbox, TextBusy sends them on to you quickly, and painlessly.

    SMS messages can be forwarded to your Google Mail/Gmail address or you can choose any other e-mail address, if you'd prefer.

    * TextBusy will include the name of the contact that sent you the SMS in the e-mail, if they are in your contacts.
    * Send mail easily using your Google Mail/GMail account, or enter the details of an SMTP server of your choice. TextBusy includes support for SMTP authentication and SSL.
    * Keep both sides of your conversation - forward both the messages you send and those you receive.

    You can choose to only forward your incoming SMS messages (the default choice), or if you wish to forward your outgoing SMS messages as well, simply tick the 'Forward outgoing' option in the preferences.

    TextBusy has a beautiful and simple user interface. No clutter, just clear and easy to understand options to allow you to turn the service on or off.

    Message forwarding via e-mail requires an active and accessible Internet connection. Sending SMS messages as e-mails requires that your phone is able to connect to the Internet. Messages that can't be sent straight away are queued until a successful Internet connection can be made to the e-mail server. Retries occur every 5 minutes. We've added the ability to clear pending messages from the Preferences screen.

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