TextProf Trial



TextProf Trial is the free, trial version of TextProf, which is a one-of-a-kind mobile communication software. It consists of a Professional Text Message/SMS System and a Communication Aid. The software’s Text Message/SMS System and Communication Aid can be used both separately and as one system.

The trial version of TextProf is able to:

- compress in excess of 200 characters into a 70-character Text message in 31 languages (a maximum of 10 Text messages can be sent),
- translate and pronounce 32 sentences from the 3500 sentences available per language

with extreme efficiency and precision.

Some important facts about the trial version of TextProf:

- It does not require any Internet connection.
- It is essential to install the trial version of TextProf on both the sender and the receiver device to be able to successfully send your Text message written in TextProf mode.
- Received TextProf messages can only be read in the TextProf program.
- The trial version of TextProf contains the sounds of the 32 sentences, thus it is NOT necessary to download the sounds separately.

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