The Bully Buzztip Console



Report bullying to Bully Buzz with The Bully Buzztip Console. Every possible way to report bullying is right at your fingertips with the Buzztip Console. Report bullying by long, short, & quick form, Twitter, Facebook, hotline, & SMS. Anonymous Buzztips are always available for safety precautions. If you’re campaigning with Bully Buzz you can take pictures and share events for the anti-bully cause on your social networks. Don’t live in silence. Fight back against bullies.

Bully Buzz is a national pro-active anti-bully intervention and empowerment organization for young children, teens, and young adults for the State of California’s local, long distance, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, and all 50 states. We intervene at every level possible including helping the victims of bullies talk to their parent or guardian about their situation, going to schools and speaking with administration, contacting the school of the bully and their parents and in some extreme situations going to the proper authorities, when an agreeable resolution cannot be reached.

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