The Mesh



The Mesh.
- A Chat program for use in RPG's; particularly Eclipse Phase, a RPG of postmodern horror.
- Allows you to connect to a PAN/Room without a server.
- Specify a name (your character) or be the GM.
- Can communicate to all on the same Wifi network segment.
- Can use Landscape or Portrait mode.
- One program to communicate to everyone!
- Can specify private message to users or send broadcast message to all in Room.
- Will auto broadcast your name upon joining room.
- Will allow you to specify and view your characters text file during the game.
- Shows messages in different colors from different people.
- Settings allows you to specify if you want to log all chat messages.
- And comes with a bonus Helpfile!
- Leave Messages on

Future Items To Come
- Allows you to click skill and send back a skill roll to the GM.
- GM will be able to send message to you as your MUSE.

Version 1.1d
* Allows GM to send message as a persons MUSE! (Help Updated).
* Removed extraneous icon on PAN screen.
* Fixed message colors issue.
* Now works with OS 4 (ICS) devices. (1.1c)
* Will not work with Strict mode turned on * (1.1c)

- NO option for dice roller added as yet.
- Will fix strict mode disable and enable multi-threading in future version.

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