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Thuban is a web browser for Android handsets running 4.0 and above.

* Flash support

* Full screen

* Bookmarks
Thuban comes with a bookmarks bar for easy access to your most used bookmarks. Bookmarks can be organized in folders and any folder can be set as the bookmarks bar.

* Tabs
Thuban supports tabs.
The tab swiping functionality allows you to smoothly swipe between open tabs.

* Offline viewing
Bookmark pages for offline viewing.
You can also delete an offline bookmark by long pressing it in your offline bookmark folder.

* Private browsing
Private browsing so no cookies or history is stored.

* User agents
There are currently 4 different user agents(Android, Desktop, iPhone, iPad) and each window can set its own user agent. More user agents to be added soon.

* Other features
- URL autocompletion based on bookmarks, history and searches.
- File and image downloads
- View and delete History
- Share any page URL and Title
- Change home page when opening new tab(each window can set its own home page)
- Choice of three search engines
- Open links in new tab
- Search for text in page

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