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    This is a demo for VoIP IN 2% CPU and 90% less RAM and storage compared to Skype. It calls a real phone number - 18554370324.
    The app performances are 40% less battery consumption compared to Skype, 90% less CPU and RAM and 99% less storage space.
    VoIP is the way to talk and N-SIP offer a VoIP library that one can easily embed in any app.
    Adding the library to your app is very easy: All you have to do is to call nsip_init, nsip_dial, nsip_hangup and nsip_close - that's it. The library it self is less than 50K - the app is 100K because of the UI.

    To improve your app time to market you can receive a debug console so you can see debugging massages (printf) from the app on your PC.

    The toast that you'll see while trying originate from events in the NDK part of the app and demonstrate N-SIP's provisional patent about communication between NDK process and UI.

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