Touch to Text



Touch to Text is a secure messaging system, currently in the alpha stage of its development. It is built on a solid foundation of crypto libraries and algorithms.

✔ Add a contact with NFC
✔ Nobody can see who you're communicating with, or any of your messages without your password.
✔ Tablet and phone UIs.

For the cryptographically inclined:

✔ Messages are stored in a SQLCipher database, encrypted with AES
✔ Other data is stored in SecurePreferences, encrypted with AES
✔ Messages are signed with 1024 bit DSA
✔ Messages are encrypted using the recipient's 2048 bit ElGamal public key
✔ Messages are transmitted to the server through TOR, via an HTTPS connection with pinned cert and CA
✔ Messages are transmitted to the app over GCM.
✔ Database keys are derived from user password using PBKDF

We welcome your improvements. Submit your pull request to