TPhone Basic




    TPhone Basic is a free application that will save you money every time you dial 411 from your Android smart phone.
    TPhone Basic automatically re-directs your 411 call to an alternative free 411 service selected by you.
    Wireless carriers typically charge $1.99 for each 411 call you make plus the air time used. These charges add up quickly. Although there are several free alternative 411 services available, people continue to use their wireless carriers' expensive 411 services.
    TPhone Basic eliminates this unnecessary expense from your phone bill without you having to do anything! Simply download, install and configure the free TPhone Basic application on your Android smart phone. Application configuration consists of enabling the application and selecting a free 411 service and will take less than a minute.
    TPhone Basic Features:
    • Enable/disable the application. Once enabled, the application runs in the background at all times and is automatically started when the phone is powered on.
    • Enable/disable 411 re-routing. Once enabled, the application automatically intercepts directory assistance calls (411, xxx-555-1212) and re-routes them to the selected free 411 service.
    • Select where to re-route to from several free 411 services.
    • Track the number of 411 calls re-routed.
    • Re-routing is automatically disabled when the phone is roaming internationally.

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