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TPhone Pro is a real-time telecom expense management (TEM) application for your Android phone that will save you money on your wireless phone bill. TPhone Pro automatically alerts, blocks or reroutes various premium calls made by the user, thus eliminates or greatly reduces certain cost items from your wireless phone bill. TPhone Pro contains the following configurable cost savings features:
* 411 Rerouting: Reroutes 411 call to an alternative free 411 service selected by you. By enabling this feature, you avoid the typical wireless carrier charge of $1.99 per call for using their 411 service.
* Call Completion Prompt: Intercepts all outgoing calls and prompts the user to confirm the call before it is placed. By enabling this feature, you will avoid accidental “pocket calls” that may run up your phone bill.
* Operator Assisted Call Blocking: Intercepts and blocks all operator assisted calls. By enabling this feature, you eliminate the usage of expensive – often 3rd party provided - operator assisted call services.
* 900 Number Call Filtering: Intercepts and blocks calls to 900-NXX-xxxx and NPA-976-xxxx numbers, unless the numbers are included in an allowed list defined by you. By enabling this feature, you can eliminate the usage of premium calling numbers that may add large charges to your phone bill from 3rd party service providers.
* International Long Distance (ILD) Filtering: Intercepts and blocks ILD calls, unless the country code is included in an allowed country code list defined by you. By enabling this feature, you can eliminate expensive ILD call charges on your phone bill.
* ILD VoIP By-Pass: Intercepts and reroutes allowed ILD calls over a low-cost VoIP service provider selected by you. By enabling this feature and using a low-cost VoIP service provider for your international calls, you can reduce your calling costs by as much as 80%.

TPhone Pro automatically eliminates or greatly reduces all of these unnecessary expenses from your phone bill, without any training to changing in behavior of the user. The TPhone Pro application simply automates something every user should be doing any way. Download, install and configure the TPhone Pro application on your Android phone and start saving today. Configuration consists of setting an optional profile password – useful for company liable phones - and then enabling the application and the various features. It should take less than a minute per device.

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