TRACKU is a sophisticated yet simple software program that allows the tracking and monitoring of one individual, who may be venturing into a potential dangerous situation, by another individual, who will remain in a safe location. It may be used to safeguard hill walkers, climbers, hunters, fishers, boating enthusiasts, campers, cavers, or any other individuals or groups involved in potentially dangerous outdoor activities in remote locations.
It may also be used to monitor the safety of children away from home, teenagers on a night out or the elderly or infirm who are living alone.

TRACKU is a two phone system that transmits data on status and location from one phone to the other at scheduled intervals and sends alerts if scheduled status checks are not sent. The progress of the individual or phone being tracked can also be viewed on the TRACKU MAP. The software also displays an emergency button which can immediately send a distress signal to the other phone.

TRACKU allows you to safeguard your friends, relatives or colleagues and to immediately provide assistance if they are in trouble. TRACKU also provides vital information regarding last known location for emergency services such police, or search and rescue.

Note this app is free to use for 30 days and compatible with the iPhone version.

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