TTLSIP / SIPHOME - a freeware application for low-cost calls from your mobile phone. Forget about roaming: rates are fixed regardless of your location! This application runs on mobile devices with Android OS.
The service is provided by an international telecommunication operator TELECOMTECHNOLOGY LIMITED.

The application allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world via the Internet. To do this, you only need to connect your phone to the Internet either via a WiFi-AP at home, in a hotel or just ouside, as a a choice by using 3G and you are ready to make calls at low rates. Don't forget: calls within our network are free!

Our company provides:
* High quality phone calls (premium)
* Supports transfer of user's CallerID
* Codecs: g711 (PCMA, PCMU), iLBC, AMR for calls outside the network, and any codecs within the network (both clients should support the same codec)
* Forward calls within the network
* Video calls
* Sending short messages within the network
* Call Recording

The application is based on an open-source application - cSipSimple.

ToDo: show your account balance on your phone's display

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