Tyw Pro



This app must be installed to your partner's phone

If you do not have any results immediately after installation, reboot your device and give the app some time. First of all, the app points to discretion and when finds the proper time sends data to the server.

It is recommended to use the free version first, then if you want to support us or you need the extra features, install the TYW Pro.

TYW Pro is an improved version of the application Track Your Wife.

Some of the extras are:
TYW Pro is able to hide the application icon in the menu of the smartphone for more privacy.

Generally Track Your Wife is a discreet application, which runs in the background and sends frequently Coordinates of the mobile phone to the site www.trackyourwife.org . These coordinates are taken from GPS satellite system, WiFi networks or mobile antennas. User has a personal account on the website www.trackyourwife.org and can use these informations to locate his mobile phone or a family member for safety reasons. This website use Google maps to project the coordinates.

This app transmits only the time and the coordinates and store them on server www.trackyourwife.org

Of course this app can be used simultaneously and harmonic with TYWs and Track Your Wife's sms. There is no reason for a new account if you are already registered in one of these apps.