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UCLEAR Commander App must work with UCLEAR Commander Bluetooth Headsets. This is a convenient and easy-to-use voice dial app. If you
- frequently call several contacts in your contact list or
- have to call someone while you are driving,
UCLEAR Commander Bluetooth Headsets and App will be your best partners
Before using this app, you have to pair your UCLEAR Commander Bluetooth Headset with your mobile phone first and connect to your mobile phone. Recording your “voice tags” in advance for the persons you frequently dial. When you want to call a person, just simply press the multi-function button on the UCLEAR Commander Bluetooth Headset, it will automatically activate the UCLEAR Commander App. After hearing the “beep” tone, say the contact name as your recorded voice tag, and the app will dial to that contact number. You can also use the same method to open your desire apps as well.
By recording your own voice tags, its accuracy can be up to 99.5%. Since using the voice tag methodology, UCLEAR Commander app is a language-independent application. Once your speech matches with your recorded voice tag, it will execute the corresponding actions (dial or open apps) accordingly. No need to wait for long dialogue on action confirmation, it reduces your risks on dialing someone while you are driving.
Features and Benefits:
* Make phone calls and open apps using your voice.
* Using voice tag methodology for voice recognition, language independent.
* Easy to use and high accuracy.
* Off-line operations, no need to connect to the Internet.
* No language barrier, voice tags work well with all languages.
* User Interface supports 20 languages, including English, Czech (Česky), Danish (Danske), German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Spanish (Español), French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Norwegian (Norske), Dutch (Nederlandse), Polish (Polska), Portuguese (Português), Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), Russian (Русский), Swedish (Svenska), Turkish (Türk), Simplified Chinese (简体中文), and Traditional Chinese (繁體中文).
To enable UCLEAR Commander “One-Touch-Dial” Bluetooth hands-free voice dialing, please follow the following steps:
1. Make sure that the operating system of your mobile phone is Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above.
2. Install this app on your mobile phone instead of SD card.
3. Restart your mobile phone after installing UCLEAR Commander.
4. Pair UCLEAR Commander Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone again after installing UCLEAR Commander app, if neccessory
On Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), please be kind to update Google Search to the last version, then go to "Settings"->"Apps"->"All", find Google Search and clean the default, Voice Commander could be launched by pressing the BT headset's button in the end.

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