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Unbreakable SMS is an SMS/Email/Facebook/Just-about-anything encryption tool. Agree on a password with your friends and use it to send secret messages securely!

This app will detect incoming encrypted messages and fire a notification. You can decrypt messages either directly from your SMS inbox or from the clipboard.

The current supported cryptographic algorithms are:
Morse Code (very weak)
Rail-Fence (very weak)
Rot-13 (very weeak)
Nihilist (weak)
Playfair (medium)
Bifid (medium)
Trifid (medium)
ADFGVX (medium)
AES (very strong)
One Time Pad (Mathematically Unbreakable)

Update: Unbreakable SMS (PAID) is now free! Funny story, that - I forgot my password and couldn't issue updates to the old version anymore. Instead of making everyone buy it again, I decided to just release a free version with all of the same features as the original, plus a few extras.

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