Urgent Call Emergency Service

Urgent Call Emergency Service

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In case of an emergency, people most important to you can contact you regardless of your location or phone setting. You get your own emergency phone number.

"MY FATHER HAD a HEART ATTACK and I MISSED THE CALL"(Shary Nassimi, inventor of UC). Never miss an important call from your loved ones again.

With UrgentCall, in the event of a true emergency, your phone will never stop ringing until you get the call, no matter what the setting of it is. You will get the call even if there was no service or you had a dead battery.

Patented UrgentCall is for anyone who loves someone. Now you can sleep or work with peace of mind and KNOW when your kids, spouse, elderly or anyone you select, must speak with you urgently.

- YOU GET YOUR OWN EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER. your loved ones will call your automated emergency number when they need you urgently.

- SYSTEM ASKS ELIGIBLE CALLER IF IT'S URGENT. only truly emergency calls from your white list get through.

- THE PHONE WILL NEVER STOP RINGING UNTIL YOU ANSWER. an emergency call form an eligible contact will RING THE PHONE ENDLESSLY with a unique sound until you respond, regardless of phone setting.

UrgentCall service is free to try. If you decide to keep it, the cost is only $2 per month.

How UrgentCall works:

Download the free trial app.
Perform the simple setup which takes less than a minute.
Choose which one of your contacts should be able to reach you immediately.
Each contact will get an automated text, informing them of your new, emergency only phone number.

Now, you can rest assured that even if your phone is on silent, or you're away from your phone, or you have no signal at all, that you will get the most important calls.

If one of your eligible contacts calls you in an emergency, urgent call with ask and verify that they have an emergency..... If they answer yes, they will be sent to your mobile phone and the silent mode is bypassed.

You will get the call even if the phone is on silent or vibrate, or even if your phone is not getting any reception. As soon as the phone comes into reception, it will ring and never stop until you answer.

You also receive backup texts telling you who called and when.

UrgentCall is a sophisticated automated call center with an interactive voice response (IVR) system and a backbone of servers, able to handle thousands of simultaneous calls.

If you carry a pager, UrgentCall will replace the pager and eliminate the need to carry or pay for it.

Designed in the USA. Patented, USPTO # 8532697 and other patents pending. (c) 2013 Urgent Call Tech LLC

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Comments and ratings for Urgent Call Emergency Service
  • (78 stars)

    by Sharon Brommer on 18/11/2013

    This is the "real" thing and it works great. I signed up my out-of-state family for a test and was alerted even when my phone was on silent or vibrate, after it confirmed the call was "urgent". This app is perfect for parents, business and medical profe

  • (78 stars)

    by Kuazac Ruska on 25/10/2013

    Never miss any emergency call with this. I love the way it still rings endlessly even in silent mode.

  • (78 stars)

    by Valikie Steward on 24/10/2013

    If had a problem , its the best choice to save your life

  • (78 stars)

    by Kimberly Nixon on 24/10/2013

    The apps is good but why this apps only have 4stars...why not 5 stars I

  • (78 stars)

    by Joshua Pomal on 24/10/2013

      All the emergency information I need in case of a disaster. This is a must have app 

  • (78 stars)

    by Alexander Anderson on 24/10/2013

    Great app with so many things included

  • (78 stars)

    by Kevin Spacey on 24/10/2013

    Developer has thought of everything. Works great. Love all functions