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*** Alpha Version ***
This is unfinished software, be prepared for bugs and please report unexpected behavior!

Vegas Mobile is a secure and privacy-preserving mobile messaging app. It is based on the 'Vegas' concept developed at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich ( ). The Vegas-Project aims at the development of a mobile and decentralized peer-to-peer online social network.

Unlike other messaging apps or social networks, you always stay in complete control of your personal data. As all information exchanged is subject to cryptographic operations and every message and every profile is individually encrypted for each friend, Vegas achieves strong anonymity, privacy, and security at the same time.

You decide which servers and protocols Vegas should use. This Alpha Version sends Messages via XMPP (Jabber) or Mail (SMTP/POP3). Encrypted profiles and images are stored and accessed using a combination of FTP+Webserver or SFTP+Webserver.

This app is part of a master's thesis analyzing the network's graph structure. To make this possible, this app creates logs describing the communication processes of it's users.

Although this may sound counterintuitive to the goal of protecting the user's privacy, this step is necessary during the development phase of the network in order to optimize algorithms and data structures.

By assigning randomly generated user-ids, it is possible to reconstruct the network's structure without the need for user-addresses or other personal data.
You are able to view all logged information using the 'Actions/View Logs' Button in the app.

Crash logs are collected using the acra library if the user agrees to this.

Please post issues or feature requests at GitHub:

By using Vegas Mobile you help us in further improving the network! Thank you!

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