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THIS APP HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. PLEASE LOOK AT SMS VOICE REPLIER AT https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rockmanx77777.VoiceSMSReplierAd#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwiY29tLnJvY2ttYW54Nzc3NzcuVm9pY2VTTVNSZXBsaWVyQWQiXQ..

My very first app. This very, Very, VERY simple app intercepts incoming SMS messages and automatically reads them out loud. From then, you have the option to reply (or ignore) the message by voice. The app will capture your voice, process it and tell you what it thought it heard. You can then confirm sending the message or cancel. You also get feedback of the message being sent and/or delivered, or if the sending failed.

This is great for responding to text message while driving without needing to touch the phone at all. AT THIS POINT, THE APP NEEDS TO BE RUNNING IN THE FOREGROUND

This version is the same as the free version, expect that it contains no ads. If you like this app, this version is for you. And thank you!

I plan on keep updating this app. I'm starting a full-time job so don't expect updates to come very often. A few things I want to add:
- Send messages without needing to receive one first
- Place calls by voice
- Run in the background (notification bar)
- Add more option (set volume, speech rate, disable other notifications, etc)
- A prettier icon!!!

Please email me any bugs and/or requests!

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