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Voice To SMS is the application that allows you to send and respond to short messages with the use of voice in a few "clicks".
The design has been designed to be stylish, comfortable and at the same time provide the user with intuitive ease of use.
With a superb scroll menu you will be able to read and respond vocally to the last 10 messages received, all messages sent will be saved in the "historic" box.
Voice to SMS is perfect for use in the car, when you have no hands available or when you are draiving. just dictate the recipient's name, the text of sms and the application will automatically send the message.
Furthermore Voice To SMS can be used to send quick messages, just scroll down to the last 10 messages received and sent text saying.

The application is only available on Android devices.


Vocally-compile the sms.
-Respond quickly to last 10 messages received.
-Read and respond to the message just received.
-Autosave message sent.
-I.A for the recognition of contacts.

You must have installed "Google Voice Search" or an internet connection.

To maximize the convenience of sending and response messages with voice download the PRO version, it'll be charmed!


-Voice confirmation for the 'SMS (SELECTABLE).
-Confirmation 's manual sending SMS (SELECTABLE).
-Automatic choice of the contact (SELECTABLE).
-Vocal reading of the received message (SELECTABLE).
-Vocal reading of 'sms to send.

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