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    Free Chatting - Updating with many *hot*, popular real life topics - Enjoy many entertainment contents
    Wala keeps you updated with real life events and friends.

    Wala continuously brings you photos from real life topics & events. Wala lets you communicate with your friends using our fast & reliable chat messages: text messages, photos, voice messages ... Wala even let you chat with a group of friends or making new friends using our unique and fun “location chat” and “shake hands”. Even more, you can enjoy other entertaining content on Wala, such as: Games, Movies. All-In-One account!
    Wala *hot* features:

    * Live:
    - Create topics, viral or just watching the real life news and events that are hot or that you are interested in.
    - Participate in creating contents for your interested topics or discussing on these topics.
    - Quickly update information from your friends and from the world around you.

    * Multimedia Messaging:
    - Instant messaging: Fast & reliable with text, voice messaging, photo, location....
    - Personalized chat background.
    - Fun, enjoyable with the Doodle Draw tool

    * Group chat
    - Unlimited number of participants: Always Free!
    - Invite your friends to chat! The more member, the more interesting!

    * Making new friends
    - Find new friends around any location using Map.
    - Find your "lucky friend" using our “Shake hands” feature. Very Handy. Shake your phone, your new friends are waiting for you!

    Version 1.0.0
    1 - A completely new, exclusive feature on Wala - LIVE. With our slogan "Live Every Moment", we keep the world around you LIVE, we keep you LIVE with the world.
    2 - Wala Live keeps you stay up-to-date with the world by discussing, sharing, joining topics and events. Just explore it!!!
    3 - Group messages from non-friend users.
    4 - Filter spamming and phishing messages.
    5 - Allow setting name for group chat - Only one name per group.
    6 - Fix bugs and improve the stability

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