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SMS n Walk application lets you safely send SMS while you are moving. To send SMS while on the move, just open up "SMS N Walk" App, and enter the Name or Phone Number and then enter the message text while a transparent view shows the world around you via your Android's camera. Then, just hit "send" and your SMS is delivered to the recipient. It is easy as sending SMS from the default Message application of Android with a benefit of looking the world while typing.

1. Write SMS by Voice Record : Click the mic icon to record your message. We are using Google's default Voice Engine. (It may be inaccurate sometime based on accent)
2. Shake n Launch Application : Shake your mobile right-left or up-down to launch application.(click on menu for settings)
3. Setting to enable night mode
4. Setting to enable flash light
5. Action view
We always aim to help users and would love feedback and suggestions. Please email us at: jayneel@openxcell.com
NOTE : Please do not use application while driving as result of camera is not good while speed is more.

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