WebSMS: Betamax Connector 2012




This app is a connector for WebSMS, an cannot be used stand-alone (like a plugin or addon). You have to install WebSMS first: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ub0r.android.websms

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With this connector installed, you can use most of the Betamax providers. Most providers don't support balance checks. See http://code.google.com/p/websmsdroid/wiki/BetamaxProviderSupport for more information. If your provider does not support balance checks, a question mark ("?") will be shown instead.

If you can confirm a working provider or find out that one does not work, send me an email or post an issue on the WebSMS website http://code.google.com/p/websmsdroid/

If you like this app, you can flattr me: https://flattr.com/submit/auto?user_id=nethad&url=https://github.com/nethad/websms-betamax

The code for this app is hosted on GitHub https://github.com/nethad/websms-betamax

A non-complete list of supported providers: www.voipcheap.com www.voipbuster.com www.12voip.com www.dialnow.com www.freecall.com www.justvoip.com www.lowratevoip.com www.smsdiscount.com www.voipwise.com www.intervoip.com www.poivy.com www.voipbusterpro.com www.voipstunt.com www.webcalldirect.com www.budgetsip.com www.powervoip.com www.voicetrading.com www.voipblast.comwww.voiparound.com www.jumblo.com www.rynga.com www.telbo.com www.actionvoip.com www.smartvoip.com www.easyvoip.com www.voipmove.com www.internetcalls.com www.sipdiscount.com www.voipdiscount.com www.voipraider.com www.freevoipdeal.com www.cosmovoip.com www.budgetvoipcall.com www.cheapbuzzer.com www.callpirates.com www.cheapvoipcall.com www.dialcheap.com www.discountcalling.com www.frynga.com www.globalfreecall.com www.hotvoip.com www.megavoip.com www.pennyconnect.com www.rebvoice.com www.stuntcalls.com www.voipblazer.com www.voipcaptain.com www.voipchief.com www.voipjumper.com www.voipsmash.com

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