Does your Android device refuse to connect to your WiFi netwerk after unlocking it?
Do you have to manualy turn WiFi off and on to get your device to connect again?

Try WiCycler!
WiCycler will check if your device is connected to WiFi every time you unlock your device.
If it detects that your device is not connected to a WiFi network, it wil cycle your WiFi to force your device to scan for networks and reconnect.
If the WiFi connection on your device is manually turned off, WiCycler will remain dormant and do nothing. It does the same if your device is in Airplane mode.

I build this app because my Samsung Galaxy S2, after I updated it to Android 4.0.4, wouldn't automatically reconnect to my WiFi networks after I unlocked it.
With this app it is now working flawlessly!

Please notice that you install and use this app at your own risk.
I am not responsible for any damage that results from using this app.

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