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WiFi Booster application allows you to boost WiFi and improve WiFi signal on your Android devices.

The main function of the  Wi-Fi booster is to reduce the signal threshold on your Wi-Fi hotspots that are visible in Wi-Fi Settings. Hotspots with a low signal quality by default are not accessible to the users. Your android device never tries to connect to networks that are too far away. The Wi-Fi Booster removes this barrier, and all detected networks are presented to the user with additional signal percents.

You can use our Wi-Fi Booster application to connect to the best wireless network available and also you can BOOST the available Wi-Fi signal strength.


✔ Download & Install Wi-Fi Booster Application from Google Play.

✔ Open the Wi-Fi Booster Application and enable Wi-Fi.

✔ After enabling Wi-Fi, app will search for Wi-Fi signals and we must connect to best Wi-Fi network available.

✔ Press the Wi-Fi BOOSTER Button to boost the Wi-Fi signal strength.


✔ Extends Range of Any Wireless Router or Gateway.

✔ Finds Best Location for Optimal Wireless Coverage.

✔ Unlocking Wi-Fi bandwidth to Maximum By using Wi-Fi Booster.

✔ Optimising Network Performance and Increase Upload/Download speed.

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