GPS instant messenger. Receive your location coordinates as instant messages.

Wimplite (Where Is My Phone LITE) is an android application that sends its location coordinates to a chat client as instant messages.

More information: www.blinkinblu.com/wimplite.html

Wimplite android application listens its location coordinates through the GPS receiver and sends them as instant messages to a computer with a chat client installed. You use the same chat account for both login to your application in your android phone and to login to your chat client in your computer. Then you simply receive phone's location coordinats as text on your chat window in your computer.

Before you run your "wimplite" application for the first time make sure you have chat account registered and a chat client installed on your computer where you want your location data to be sent.

setup information: www.blinkinblu.com/wimplite.html

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