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This App will count the occurrences of the unique words in 'a.txt' on the following 3 servers (which must be running):

Instructions for getting the Android App to work:
- Email me on: rxb071@cs.bham.ac.uk when you want me to turn the servers on.
- Where I'll run TCPServer.java 3 times on tw server using port numbers: 5001, 5002 and 5003
- Connect your Android device to the school’s VPN
- Press the ‘Run’ button on the Android App and wait for the output to appear on the Android device.

To view a.txt, you will need to download the App
a.txt contains the following text: 'To run test the cat sat sat'
a.txt is saved in the assets folder to avoid:

This App has been created for the Networks and Distributed Systems module at The School of Computer, University of Birmingham

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