Zukt (sms to email)

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    Zukt allows you to receive and reply to your SMSes and missed calls directly from your computer without having to install any additional desktop application.

    With Zukt, all your SMSes and missed calls are automatically sent to your e-mail address. Replying to them is just as easy as replying to an e-mail.


    - Send mail notification when SMS is received
    - Send mail notification when call is missed
    - Reply to SMS and missed call by replying to mail notification
    - Start/Stop when charger is connected/disconnected

    What is it for?
    - You forgot your phone at the office. You can still check your messages and reply to them.
    - Your phone is charging in another room and you don't want to leave your computer to read your messages.
    - It's just faster to type with a real keyboard.

    How does it work?
    - Zukt constantly monitors all incoming SMSes and missed calls. When you receive an SMS or a call is missed, a message is sent from yourself to your e-mail.
    - When you reply to that e-mail, Zukt detects it and sends an SMS back to the original sender.

    Is it safe?
    - The subject of each e-mail sent by Zukt contains a unique 8 digit number that represents the original SMS. Only mails containing that id are considered valid.
    - Only secure mails servers using SSL allowed.

    Privacy Policy:
    - In order to provide this service, Zukt needs to know your e-mail credentials. These will never be used for anything else than to provide this service and will never leave your phone.
    - All messages are kept in memory only long enough to provide this service and are discarded as soon as possible.

    The paid version removes the [Sent with Zukt] message in sent SMSes.

    WARNING: This is still a beta version. Things might break. Please be patient and send any bug reports by e-mail. Help make Zukt better.