1Tap Wifi Repair Lite



    Wifi instability? wifi connection issues? Lower wifi speeds?

    Here is the app for you!!

    1Tap Wifi Repair: The best wifi tool in Android. 1Tap Wifi Repair is not a wifi booster app. If you are looking for a Wifi booster app, this is not the app for you. There are lot of wifi booster apps that offer fake wifi boosting, While 1Tap Wifi Repair tries to repair the existing wifi connection.

    This is Lite version with Ads, Please try 1Tap Wifi Repair Pro to show support for development.(Home Screen Widget + No Ads in Pro version)

    NOTE: Basically repairing is achieved by refreshing the wifi connection. Android system is forced to reset the wifi which solves most of the common issues with wifi.

    Features/Expected Results:

    1Tap to repair all the common issues with wifi.

    Home Screen Repair Widget (Pro Feature)

    Good wifi signal strength through intelligent signal resetting.

    Experience good signal.

    Android system automatically sets the best wifi available.

    Resolves IP conflict between two wifi through refreshing wifi.

    Auto Close after Refreshing network.

    Notify last Refresh time.

    The ultimate solution to all your wifi issues, This App runs innovative code to resolve any IP conflicts between wifi and resets the best wifi in the area, Optimizes the wifi strength in less than a minute. Don't fall for prank apps such as wifi booster and wifi speed booster, Download now the most handy wifi tool in Google play.


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