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    Published: 2011-05-20, by .

    An Arkanoid-like game of demolition

    • Lot of levels
    • Different modes of speed
    • Hidden handicaps in the bricks
    • Colored interface
    • Forceclosings in some devices
    • More of the same

    "Smashing time"

    The gameplay is simple and familiar: make the ball bounce around the platform by using a paddle at the bottom to break the wall of bricks. Arkanoid is more than just a game; it’s become a genre. So the idea isn't original, but Break the Bricks has loads of levels (60) and 3 different modes of speed (slow, medium & fast). This increases the game’s playability, despite it being "more of the same". It has to be said that, as in the classic Arkanoid, there are a few hidden handicaps in some bricks that will shorten or lengthen the paddle, make the ball bounce slower or faster, and more.

    Some force closings have been reported, so it would appear there have been problems running the game in some devices.

    Break the Bricks has been developed by Candy Mobile, a promising mobile games developer who has launched several titles on the market, with remarkable success.

    Its colorful interface, the different distribution of the bricks on each level, and the game modes is are what make it so entertaining. But there are lots of other games like this. We'll leave it up to you to decide which one you choose. We think this one is great, though there is some room for improvement.

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