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    Published: 2013-04-16, by Peter Warrior.

    Active defense game.

    • No trace of the vet.
    • Lasagna and coffee available.
    • No spiders within sight.
    • Reviewed on Monday.
    • Nermal is so cute...
    • Odie isn't kick-able

    "It must be Monday, mustn't it?"

    When we heard about a Garfield game, the last thing we could imagine was a defense like game. However, it indeed is, and it's a good defense game. Indeed, to be precise, it's an active-defense game, in which you have to defend your castle (this is, the freezer) from incoming alien attacks and Garfield plays the role of your champion. To do so, you can invoke allies thanks to the power of the popcorn machine and earn cookies to buy upgrades. One interesting feature is that upgrades are showed on screen, for example, if you increase Garfield's attack prowess, you'll see how he wields a rolling pin instead of a rolled-up newspaper.

    Overall, the game plays with the more childish nature of Garfield animated series, so don't expect any of the witty cynical comments Garfield used us to when he was only a comic strip character. Everything's quite surrealistic, from combat techniques to the ridiculous aliens you have to fight. About gameplay, is quite easy and quite slow, so it'll be more enjoyable for children and non hardcore defense gamers.

    In the end, it's nice to see not only Garfield, but also Odie, Arlene, Nermal (how cute!) and the rest brilliantly featured and animated, though we're sure that Garfield older fans would have appreciated that their furry friend would have landed on another genre. Who knows, maybe a needed update of the late eighties The Edge Garfield game, which perhaps wasn't to write home about but it definitively was closer to Garfield's essence.

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