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    Recording App, Recorder app is quick and easy with your QuickRec !!
    Let it find that when I need a voice recorder.

    ★ quick and easy recording to attractive applications, voice recorder - the 'QuickRec'.
    ★ only once - a recorder capable of recording only touch the icon ★. !!!
     << ★ recommended tips: Those who installed the first time (or after the update)★ >>
    Interchangeable those settings in the Preferences to record user-specific customized settings optimized
    After reading conducted a test recording approximately 10-60 seconds is recommended that you use.

    [※ Note: Preferences> SampleRate, BitRate setting]
    ↓↓ The smaller the value of the stored file size is getting smaller recording quality is also lower. ↓↓
    ↑↑ value is significantly larger file size and storage are also high-quality recording. ↑↑
    ※ Now we can go up towards the 100 million cumulative downloads !!
    ※ I sincerely thank you so much. (ㅠ. ㅠ)

    But it is also a lot of applications (apps) that function,
    Once uncomplicated comfort is a must'll use frequently!

    QuickRec is
    ★ If you set the "Setting Auto Start"
    However ~! With only one click app is very nice ^^ recording is completed;

    ★★ When set to "Enable flight mode"
    The recording without interruption, such as telephone and letter.

    ★★★ MP3, WAV recorded files support.

    How attractive is uncomplicated while the basics
    Now, try recording a fast and easy QuickRec !!

    Classes, meetings, music, call (speakerphone is used), etc. If you need to record,
    After removing the smartphone QuickRec Write buds ~ Ugh !!! If you run ends.

    Storage Location (recording file): SD card /com.shinshow.quickrec/
    (※ In the case of the Galaxy series it is stored in the internal memory.)

    Improvements or complaints, do not hesitate if you have any errors are reported
    Please e-mail will allow you to actively reflect.

    For information on the error of complaints
    - Handset species: ex) Galaxy S6
    - Android version: ex) 5.0
    - QuickRec version: ex) v2.6.1b1
    - QuickRec setting: ex)Auto Start, WAV, disable AGC ...
    - Details: ex) wav recording application on startup Force ended.
    Please send the contents of such would be greatly appreciated.

    (Please send by e-mail Settings screen to capture the better.)
    ★ too simple feedback is difficult to measure. (ㅠㅠ) ★

    Messages that encourage developers to force the other highly welcome.

    ★ has opened a cafe for people to communicate with the user. ★
    Inquiries, suggestions, know-how hwalyongbeop Own shares (to show off) and it does not matter any more.
    Please take advantage of a lot. !!!!

    [QuickRec official cafe]

    ■■■ Features ■■■
    > One Touch (One Touch) Record
    > Automatic Recording / Storage
    > Automatic recording ends (timer function)
    > Recording of phone / text rejected (flight mode)
    > Record file sharing / sending
    > Recording file playback / pause / stop
    > Hangul / English / Japanese menu support
    > Supported file formats: amr, 3gp, wav, mp3

    ※ For a long time recording "Recording of the notification (icon) displays" check recommended !!

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