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    Trip (LITE) is now re-branded, new name is Ajokki

    NEW!! INCLUDE FOUR FREE DRIVE IN EVERY MOTH AFTER TRIAL PERIOD. four new drive are added automatically if drive count is zero in end of the moth.

    Driving Diary for daily use and fuel ecology mode shows you how much you car is spending fuel. Ajokki help save you money and keeps you trips in order.

    Ajokki is easy to use just press Start before start drive and
    when drive is ending press Stop or with OBD2 use automatic trip start and stop feature.

    Ajokki is using GPS or OBD2 EML327 (v1.5) Bluetooth module for measuring distance and speed. OBD2 (V1.5) module is not required if you like just keep track you drives. OBD device need to be activate from settings and after that GPS is disabled.

    After first installation you get 25 pc. free drives and after that you need buy Drive packages or make a continous subscription. With A small fee we cover reaching to the maintenance and development of the program costs.

    Ajokki subscription includes 14pv trial period, after which you can
    decide to continue with the use of the application. Continuous order to activate all functions of the program and no other purchases have to be made. An order can stop anytime the Google Play through, so you are not tied to long contracts. Alternatively, you can buy Drive packages.

    Basic features can be used with out OBD2 also. See feature list at bellow.

    Features with GPS and OBD2
    - Work and private drive modes
    - Map theme
    - HUD mode (Mirrored display for car widows reflector use)
    - Measuring Trip distance with GPS or OBD2
    - Measures time and distance during phone calls
    - Trip distance in either metric or imperial units
    - Travel time
    - Travel expenses. Has four different preset tariffs which can be adjusted
    - Speed display while driving
    - Average travel speed
    - Possibility to finetune the travel distance calculation settings in PRO version
    - Send travel history to e-mail, Facebook, SMS, etc..
    - Name trips in history view (last 100 trip)
    - GPS distance calibrate if needed
    - Export data to .xls file

    Feature with OBD (need you have EML327 Bluetooth OBD)
    - Ajokki supports EML372 Bluetooth OBD-II for reading
    data directly from ECU
    - ECO driving light Green, Yellow, Red (Req MAF from car)
    - Show fuel use L/100km (Req MAF from car)
    - Fuel economy warning sound (Req MAF from car)
    - Engine RPM and Coolant Temp
    - OBD Measure calibrate possible if needed
    - Remember last selected Bluetooth device
    - User can modify what information is showed in front screen (ECO, L/100km, Temp,RPM)

    Global Version of Ajokki Driving Diary

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