140 Android Tips and Tricks



This guide hides a lot of great tips and secrets for your Android phone that will greatly enhance your user experience when using it. The guide is divided into chapters, according to the area to which each tip applies, feel free to skip to the area of interest that you like the most!
List of Tips:
1. Quick capitalization and numbers
2. Hold shift while typing to capitalize
3. Avoid spelling correction
4. Write contractions quickly
5.Add additional languages in 4.0+
6. Add additional language in 2.3
7. Install additional dictionaries
8. Add a word to the dictionary
9. Define writing shortcuts
10. Clean up the dictionary
11. Select, copy and paste
12. Quickly select a word
13. Dismiss keyboard
14. Extra characters in keys
15. Quickly accept correction
16. Quickly add a period
17. Enable punctuation shortcuts bar in 4.1
18. Change e-mail signature
19. Eliminate GMail notifications sound
20. Make ?Reply All? default
21. Add additional accounts
22. Add a GMail account
23. Write e-mail using an alias
24. E-mail address auto complete
25. Quickly save as draft
26. Mute an e-mail conversation
27. Swipe to read next e-mail
28. Mark e-mail as unread
29. Add shortcut to GMail label
30. Hide some calendars
31. Change the week start day
32. Locate and orientate yourself
33. View location info
34. Show traffic layer
35. Quickly locate an airport
36. Easy zoom in and out
37. Offline maps
38. Take a screenshot
39. Tap and hold for extra features
40. Recently used apps
41. Add widgets
42. Create folders
43. Move apps around
44. Get rid of annoying notifications
45. Quickly close running apps
46. Get extra notifications info
47. Quickly uninstall
48. Uninstall app
49. Disable an app?s notifications
50. Quickly look up date
51. Keep screen active while plugged
52. Power control widget
53. Direct shut down button
54. Physical keyboard shortcuts
55. Replace your launcher
56. Let your phone speak to you
57. Large text
58. Have your phone tell you what you write
59.Quick dial shortcut
60. Individual ringtones
61. Navigate easily through contacts
62. Show only contacts with phone number
63. Silence an entering call
64. Always to voicemail
65. Quick call end
66. Mute the mic while talking
67. Place call on hold
68. Use your phone while talking
69. Answer with an SMS
70. Quickly redial last called number
71. Direct call to numbers in websites
72. Request delivery reports
73. Clean the camera lens regularly
74. Lower pictures resolution
75. Don?t store location
76. Quickly show last pictures
77. Silly faces
78. Add page shortcut to main screen
79. Save pictures
80. Quickly search on Google
81. Quick access to History
82. Examine where a link goes to
83. Center around a page area
84. Quickly write an address top-level domain
85. Search text on a web page
86. Quickly close a tab
87. Save a page for offline reading
88. Enable quick controls
89. Fast load of a web page
90. Incognito Browsing
91. Auto-fill forms with your personal information
92. Unplug to pause
93. Custom ring, notification and alarm tones
94. Custom ringtones in 2.3
95. Use original USB chargers
96. Find out what is draining your battery
97. Turn off GPS localization
98. See running processes
99. Turn off animations
100. Decrease brightness
101. Turn off Bluetooth
102. Exit current app before locking the phone
103. Disable 3G
104. Disable auto-sync
105. Restrict background data
106. Turn off network notification
107. Restart Network Connections
108. Soft reset the phone
109. Clear app data
110. Boot in safe mode
111. Write down your phone?s IMEI
112. Disable data roaming
113. Set up a pattern lock
114. Back-up regularly
115. Find your phone
116. Control your data usage
117. Quick back-up your media files
118. Factory reset
119. Check Available Space
120. Install apps on SD card
121. Find an app
122. Automatic updates

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