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    Many of the puzzles in this Brain Teasers App will take hours, if not days, to solve, but be encouraged, a middle-school education is sufficient to answer almost all of the puzzles. There are many interview puzzles, and if you plan to interview at an investment bank, consulting firm, high-tech firm, or in any other related field, absorb what Brain Teasers have to offer, as it can be the deciding factor in getting that offer.

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    This App has a collection of my most interesting and mind-improving brain teasers. Many of the answers should give you a strategy for thinking, which will carry over to many other problems and provide you with thinking and problem-solving methods. There is no time limit for these questions (with exceptions as noted). Be aware that there may be more than one way to arrive at an answer to a question. Just remember, a person who can solve problems efficiently either knows a particular strategy for the type of problem or extract something from the problem that is curious to him or her and that leads to the next step toward a solution.
    Tips: The application will first show the Brain Teasers (problem) only. Take your time to solve the problem by yourself first. After that you can click on the answer button to see the actual answer.

    Sample Brain Teaser

    Q.) You have a fox, a chicken and a sack of grain. You must cross a river with only one of them at a time. If you leave the fox with the chicken he will eat it; if you leave the chicken with the grain he will eat it. How can you get all three across safely?
    Take the chicken over first. Go back and bring the grain next, but instead of leaving the chicken with the grain, come back with the chicken. Leave the chicken on the first side and take the fox with you. Leave it on the other side with the grain. Finally, go back over and get the chicken and bring it over.

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    jacob gerard

    by jacob gerard

    Jan 29, 2017  |  "Poor"

    So bad

    Farida Masalawala

    by Farida Masalawala

    Jan 22, 2017  |  "Good"

    Where is the icon to give the answers?

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    Its fine

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    Nov 02, 2016  |  "Great"

    Good for refresh the mind

    Krista Frey

    by Krista Frey

    Oct 31, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    My parents think I'm crazy for doing these, getting them right and asking them what the answer is.(although it is funny watching their faces turn red and ripping their hair out while trying to figure them out)