1861 Nov Am Civil War Gazette



The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition.

Highlights of the November 1861 Edition:

- Battle of Belmont

- Gen. Ulysses S. Grant "Killed" in the Battle of Belmont

- Resignation of Beauregard

- Beauregard withdraws resignation

- Kentucky Secedes

- Formal secession of Missouri

- Death of Gen. Sam Houston of Texas

- Trent Affair: Arrest/Capture of Mason and Slidell causes tension with England

- The C.S.S. Nashville captures and burns the Harvey Birch off the coast of Southampton, England

- Gen. Winfield Scott retires

- Lincoln appoints George B. McClellan as Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the United States

- Battle at Bay Point

- Battle of Strawberry Plains

- Battle of Piketon

- Battle of Piketon Hoax

- Naval expedition to and attack on Port Royal

- Naval Bombardment of Urbana, Va.

- The Minnesota and the Merrimac

- Edwin Booth's First Theatrical Appearance in London

- Fremont Removed

- Gen. Grant's Official Report on the Battle of Belmont

- Martial Law in Knoxville, Tenn.

- Lincoln protests against the French and English expedition against Mexico

- Rumors of France, England and Spain to ally with the C.S.A.

- Civil War Begins in Northern Mexico

- One of the last collections of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poems is published

- Neutrality of Holland

- Celebration of Evacuation Day

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