1862 May Am Civil War Gazette



The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition.

Highlights of the May 1862 Edition:
- Battle of Williamsburg
- Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson (CSA) continues his Valley Campaign
- Gen. McClellan (USA) continues his Peninsula Campaign
- Battle of Eltham's Landing a.k.a. Battle of West Point
- Continue debate in Congress over legality of Emancipation
- Gen. Hunter (USA) forms the first Union Army regiment of black soldiers; the First South Carolina Union Volunteers
- Gen. Hunter (USA), commander of the Department of the South, under martial law declares all slaves free in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina
- Lincoln rescinds Gen. Hunter's emancipation order
- Battle of Puebla in Mexico (Cinco de Mayo)
- Fearing capture, the CSS Virginia (Merrimac) is scuttled in the James River
- The U.S. Department of Agriculture is created
- The Homestead Act becomes law

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