1863 June Am Civil War Gazette



The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition.

Highlights of the June 1863 Edition:

Prelude to Gettysburg -- Lee Invades the North a Second Time -- Maryland First, then Pennsylvania

"We can hardly resist the conclusion that the next two weeks will prove the most thrillingly eventful of the whole war, and go far toward furnishing the solution of a strife, the most gigantic that ever shook the world."
-- New York Times, June 24, 1863

[Nine days later, the Battle of Gettysburg would culminate with Pickett's Charge on July 3, 1863]

"Gen. Lee in Maryland"
"We do not regard this movement on Pennsylvania as anything more than a grand foraging expedition and a feint"
"He will certainly never push forward into Pennsylvania"
-- Washington National Republican, June 26, 1863

- "The Projected Rebel Raid" - New York Times, June 10, 1863
- "The Proposed Rebel Raid; A Large Rebel Cavalry Force Massed Near Culpepper, Va."
- An article about rumors of an "extensive cavalry raid into Maryland and Pennsylvania"
- The actual campaign would be much more than just a cavalry raid
- Lee would begin his campaign that would end in the Battle of Gettysburg

- The "Third Battle of Bull-Run"
- Hooker's is decidedly defeated by Lee at the Third Battle of Bull Run
- "All the rumors of battles, victories and disasters in front of Washington last week, were canards." - NY Times June 22, 1863

- Gettysburg Campaign opens
- Lee invades the North again
- Battle of Franklin's Crossing/Deep Run
- Battle of Brandy Station
- Second Battle of Winchester
- Battle of Aldie
- Battle of Middleburg
- Battle of Upperville
- Battle of Hanover
- Skirmish of Sporting Hill
- The news hits the North on June 15
- Gen. Dan. Sickles leaves New York to join his command
- His actions at the Battle of Gettysburg are debated still today
- Gen. "Fighting" Joe. Hooker is relieved of command
- Gen. George Meade replaces Hooker in command of the Army of the Potomac
- "Gen. MEADE takes command of the army at a very critical moment, and while it is placed in a critical position."

- Grant's Vicksburg Campaign
- Siege of Vicksburg continues
- Battle of Milliken's Bend
- Battle of Goodrich's Landing
- Battle of Lake Providence
- Battle of Richmond, Louisiana

- Morgan's Raid/Great Raid of 1863/Calico Raid (Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio) begins

- Tullahoma Campaign begins (a.k.a. Middle Tennessee Campaign)
- Battle of Hoover's Gap

- Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana continues

- Second Bayou Teche Campaign. Taylor's Operations in West Louisiana begin
- Battle of LaFourche Crossing
- Brashear City is captured
- Second Battle of Donaldsonville

- Puebla, Mexico falls to the French

- Real-Admiral Andrew H. Foote (USA) dies in New-York
- Noted for collaboration with U.S. Grant in taking Forts Henry and Donelson and Island No. 10

- Gen. A.E. Burnside and the Chicago Times
- June 1 - Taking issue with articles printed by the Chicago Times, Gen. Burnside orders it suppressed, along with the New-York World and other "Copperhead" literature
- June 2 - On constitutional grounds, the Chicago Times seeks a legal writ
- June 3 - U.S. Federal Court judge Drummond orders the military to take no action
- June 3 - Federal soldiers take possession of the Chicago Times
- June 3 - Federal soldiers leave the grounds of the times on the condition that no further printings occur
- June 3 - A large gathering in support of the Chicago Times causes the militia to be called out
- June 4 - The Illinois House and Senate vote a resolution denouncing Burnside's actions
- June 4 - The Times prints another edition and is seized by Burnside's soldiers
- June 4 - President Lincoln revokes Burnside's order with respect to the Times
- June 4 - Burnside revokes his entire order

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