25 Prophets Of God



25 PROPHETS OF GOD is an application for us to know the names & the stories ( Based On Al-Imam Ibnu Kathir's Qisasul Alanbiya' book ) of main Prophets sent by God to guide mankind to the divine path . The Prophets' family tree has also been included in this app.for us to know the lineage of hereditary of Prophets. Although God sent many other prophets and messengers,the Quran mentions only 25 prophets by name. It's obligatory ( fardhu-ain ) for Muslim to know them by name i.e:

1. Adam (آدم)
2. Idris إدريس/(Enocha)
3. Noah (نوح)
4. Hud هود/(Ebera)
5. Saleh (صالح)
6. Ibrahim إبراهيم/(Abraham)
7. Lut لوط/(Lot)
8. Ismail إسماعيل/(Ishmael)
9. Ishaq إسحاق/ (Isaac)
10.Ya'qub يعقوب/(Jacob)
11.Yusuf يوسف/(Joseph)
12.Ayyub أيوب/(Job)
13.Shuaib شعيب/(Jethroa)
14.Musa موسى/(Moses)
15.Harun هارون/(Aaron)
16.Daud داود/(David)
17.Sulaiman سليمان/(Solomon)
18.Illias إلياس/(Elijah)
19.Alyasa' اليسع/ (Elisha)
20.Yunus يونس/(Jonah)
21.Zulkifli ذو الكفل/(Ezekiel)
22.Zakaria زكريا/(Zechariah)
23.Yahya يحيى/(John the Baptist)
24.Isa عيسى/(Jesus)
25.MUHAMMAD محمد (The Last Prophet)

MUHAMMAD / محمد simply was the last prophet who preached the same faith (The Oneness of the Divine Creator, Worshiping of that One God, Avoidance of idolatry and sin, Day of Resurrection ) that ADAM,IBRAHIM (Abraham), NUH(Noah),MUSA(Moses), ISA(Jesus) and all the other prophets preached to their people and continued the holy religion. Contrary to other prophets who were sent to specific groups of people, Prophet MUHAMMAD was sent to all mankind.

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