40 Durood



This is a manual of the famous 40 Durood Salat and Salam litany. The 40 prayers have been compiled from the hadiths. This manual provides a litany that one can read each day to send blessings on our beloved Prophet Prophet muhammad salahu alhi wasalam.

The purpose of Forty Durood and salaam is to establish special love and bond with our beloved Prophet (Pbuh). Forty Durood and salaam is a litany, which Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi-alaihi has compiled and from him Hazrat Shaykh Zakariya Rahmatullahi-alaihi narrates in ‘Fazaail-e-durood Shareef’’.


Text in Arabic
English translation
Recitation by Qari Ahmed Ali Falahi

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