We've discovered that we all have more birthdays than those we enjoy on Earth.

On each planet in our solar system we can celebrate more birthdays. A scientific knowledge of the orbits of the planets allows 9Birthdays to calculate each of our birthdays from Mercury to Pluto (forgive us for including Pluto, we're solar system romantics)

You age more slowly on planets further from the Sun than Earth and yet grow up so fast on those nearer! And on Mercury and Venus you can celebrate those birthdays several times a year!

The 9Birthdays poem...
When your birthday comes on Earth
It's only once a year
But look up to the Heavens
There's birthdays everywhere
You may be 21 on Venus, just 3 on Mars
Just check the date & celebrate
It's written in the Stars

Simple enter your birth date into the 9Birthdays app and it will calculate your birthdays for each planet in our solar system.

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