ABC for Kid All Alphabets Free



ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free.


ABC ALPHABETS Letters For Kids is An app with complete alphabet that you can have for free.

All Parents wants that the kids always learn new things.If you also wants that your kid learn new Alphabets with very fast and with very effective way. Then this ABC for Kid All Alphabets Free Application is very helpful for your kids.Because this application not only for learn A to Z. It's also helpful for learn technology words those start with A to Z.Like Android,Bluetooth,Chat..

If you love your kid and you want he/she will know about the technology the we sure you will download this application.

Alphabets Technical A To Z is an entertaining application for kids. This application provides a very simple and easy for learning Alphabets Technical A To Z to kids. The application has rich graphics to make the application more entertaining to kids. The application provides a quick approach to learn Alphabets Technical A To Z with fun. The kids will learn to “play with Alphabets Technical A To Z” with full entertainment and fun.

Intended for kids ages 2-7 ,With Kids Alphabets Technical A To Z, your preschool-aged kids will learn the alphabet letter names and also learn Technical Name like A for Android,B for Bluetooth.

New Feature added where kid can write the correct word for shown logo.When logo quiz will complete kid can restart the quiz. Before start logo quiz you have to learn or join all the A to Z Alphabets Classes.

Features :

* All Alphabet from A to Z
* Colorful HD quality graphics for all Letters
* Real human pronunciations
* Image of each Letter
* ABC Letters For Kids
* Quiz for find match image
* Quiz Logo Image
* Keyboard features added

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