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“ABC Puzzle: Space Journey” is a unique space ABC game for toddlers. Kids learn letters of English alphabet through collecting puzzles and memorizing new words.
Our learning game “ABC Puzzle: Space Journey” for preschool children and kids will become your childrens` favorite! Our ABC app is designed as a game for boys and girls, but it would be interesting even for adults!
“ABC Puzzle: Space Journey” is one of the best English language courses for kids. Learning English alphabet becomes easy and interesting with our application “ABC Puzzle: Space Journey”! Our learning toddler game will help your kids to learn how to read and memorize their first English words. “ABC Puzzle: Space Journey” is also one of the top phonics games for preschool children. Through collecting puzzles it develops fine motor skills and thus upgrades brain regions responsible for speech.
- full English ABC with correct pronunciation of the letters
- puzzles for every letter of the alphabet with plenty of different geometric figures
- new English words with ingenious pictures
- ESL game
““ABC Puzzle: Space Journey” is a wonderful ABC learning experience for kids! This is a perfect app for Preschool and Elementary Teachers to have in their own toolbox. Kids can be rewarded during break time while learning and having fun the whole time.” – app review by
We are starting our spectacular space journey together with Letter Eater! He travels through endless galaxies in his space ship looking for anything unusual and extraordinary. Our Letter Eater meets funny alphabet letters, bursts space bubbles, creates bright and sparkling star constellations and assembles colorful puzzles. But suddenly a Big Bang occurred and all the letters broke into small pieces. Help Letter Eater collect all the details and get back to his space ship!
English language course with three basic levels (meet the letter, use the letter in words and reinforce the skill)
Forming correct pronunciation of the letter
Intensifying fine motor skills through collecting puzzles
Developing spontaneous speech
Creating visual image of the letter
Voicing by a native speaker
Visual and sound effects
Effective combination of educational exercise and game
ESL game

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