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Get ready to star in your own show: "I Got In!" Shmoop ACT® Prep keeps you dialed-in to test preparation by using references from the television shows you love. Or love to hate. Or say you hate but secretly love (we're on to you). Shmoop uses relatable and engaging allegories drawn from the boob tube to keep students engaged. ACT® Scientific Reasoning becomes a little less painful when deconstructed like a CSI crime scene. Learning punctuation and rhythm becomes a little less soulless when students get in the groove of a So You Think You Can Dance? tango.Shmoop Learning Guides are lovingly written by experts and educators – Ph.D. students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and other top universities.

Shmoop ACT® Prep is now available in handy app, so you can gear up for the ACT® anywhere you go: on a plane, under a tree, in a canoe.

Topics We Cover: ACT® English (Punctuation, Grammar & Usage, Sentence Structure, Writing Strategies, Style), ACT® Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry), ACT® Reading (Prose Fiction Passage, Social Science Passage, Humanities Passage, Natural Science Passage), ACT® Science Reasoning (Data Representation, Research Summaries, Conflicting Viewpoints), and ACT® Writing (Handwriting, Essay Structure, Common Mistakes)

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