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This is a cool math learning and practice application which helps to learn addition of two numbers and three numbers in a fun way. A chef first asks you to select the ingredients (like I need 7 cherries) which you need to drag from the plate below using right combination (e.g. 5 + 2 cherries or 4+3 cherries). As the application progresses, the chef tells you to make soup by adding certain number of things. Add ingredients to soup from plates and do addition to find if you have added that many things which said by the chef. Touch the chef to know if you have solved it correctly. The chef paces complexity of problem according the performance of child, starting from two number addition to three number addition. On correct answers, the chef motivates the child by giving small gifts needed to celebrate a birthday party. Keep doing the additions, win things and make party decoration complete. Child can click on birthday gift icon to know how much decoration is left.

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