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The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician app provides additional knowledge and skills to experienced Emergency Medical Technicians in specific aspects of advanced life support, medical and trauma care. This app presents students with the opportunity to further extend their skills and knowledge to competently deliver an enhanced level of emergency and urgent care. Study all aspects of the EMT qualification and prepare for your qualification as an Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, or First Responder. Multiple-choice quiz format makes learning easy, fun and interactive!

1.The Advanced EMT app covers forty core knowledge areas
2.More than 400 questions to help you to prepare for EMT exam
3.Iterative learning method allows you to retake your mistakes
4.Comprehensive breakdown of your results
5.Star difficult or interesting answers for future reference
6.Pathway tool recommends more quizzes relevant to your learning interests
7.Track your progress and see how you improve over time
8.Content delivered from publishing houses as well as individuals, experts and enthusiasts

•Preparing to be an Advanced EMT
•Pharmacology, drug administration and intravenous therapy
•Advanced airway management
•System based patient assessment
•Medical emergencies
•Trauma emergencies
•Advanced cardiac life support
•Paediatric advanced life support
•Paediatric emergencies
•Geriatric emergencies
•EMS operations Advanced EMT: Patients with Special Challenges

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1. Which of the following respiratory patterns is defined as periods of rapid and slow respirations alternating with periods of apnea?
Answer: Cheyne-Stokes respirations
2. Where might you find a zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture?
Answer: facial
3. The number to contact the National Poison Control Center is:
Answer: 1-800-222-1222
4. You are assessing a 3-year-old boy whose mother found he had eaten several pills from her purse. She was able to pull two pills from the child's mouth prior to your arrival and is unsure if he was able to swallow any others. In addition to maintaining his ABCs, Medical Control may advise you to administer:
Answer: 12.5 to 25 grams of a charcoal suspension

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